Here are some important details about the day!

  • Gates will open at 9:00am and close at 6:00pm
  • Free lunch will be served from 12:00-1:00pm
  • Breakfast and dinner are not provided. Please plan accordingly.
  • Free snacks and water will be available throughout the day, but it is a good idea to bring some bottled water of your own to make sure you and your family stay hydrated.
  • A few food trucks, the Zephyr concession stand and the Zephyr Camp Store will be open throughout the day for purchases.
  • Water sites will be open and staffed by Zephyr lifeguards. The pond and waterfront are only accessible if life jackets are worn (provided by Zephyr). It is a good idea to bring swim clothes, sunscreen, and towels if you would like to participate in these activities.
  • Family members of all ages are welcome to join us. However, if you are bringing minors that are not your own children/guardians, THAT MINOR'S parents will need to fill out a form on their behalf before they arrive. We do need a signature from a legal guardian for anyone under age 18.
  • You are responsible for any minors that attend with you. Zephyr staff will be present, but will be engaged in other acitivities and will not be able to care for individual children.
  • There will be a registered nurse available at the Zephyr Nurse's Station to provide basic first aid if needed.


Join us in praising God for the past and looking towards the future!