The Challenge Course at Camp Zephyr is an AWESOME way to enhance teamwork, trust and problem solving skills. Zephyr offers both High Ropes and Low Ropes at the Challenge Course. You can add this activity to your existing retreat or come out for the day and participate. Check out the link below or contact us for more information!

If you are looking for a fast-paced activity that will encourage your group through communication and teamwork, check out Zephyr’s Full Force Paintball Course! Call the office and talk to Katheryn if you are interested in bringing your group out for a full day or half day of paintball.

Paintball is also offered at Zephyr Student Camps during the summer! Campers will need to sign-up in the morning to play in the afternoon during the days they are here.

Zephyr has three water sites: the swimming pool, the pond and the waterfront.

The swimming pool includes two water slides and a wading pool with a waterfall mushroom. The Pond includes two "Wet Willie" slides, an inflatable iceberg and a blob. The Waterfront is a section of Lake Corpus Christi where campers can participate in kayaking.

The Waterfront and Pond are only available to summer groups. The pool is available to retreat groups pending weather and staff availability. A Zephyr employed lifeguard must be present at any aquatic site and lifejackets must be worn while all guests are in the lake or pond.

Come try out the water sites at one of our summer camps or contact us about using the pool during your retreat!

KnockerBall (also known as "Bubble Soccer") uses single chamber inflatables spheres with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. During a session at Zephyr (lasting 2-2.5 hours), your group will be able to be inside these inflatable spheres as our staff lead you in different variations of games, including soccer. 

Groups can schedule this activity during a day event, or add it to an existing retreat. No special gear is required, although tennis shoes are recommended for safety. Find more information on the KnockerBall website, and contact us today to add this fun activity to your event at Zephyr!

(Activity Level: Moderate/ Event Time: 2-2.5 hours/ Max of 20 players on field at one time)

Archery Tag® is played similar to dodge ball with bows and foam-tipped arrows. A “safe zone” separates two teams, consisting of up to 8 players each playing opposite one another. Each team also has a “5-Spot Knockout Target.”  There are two objectives:  1) to tag the opponents, and 2) to knock out the five discs of the opposing team’s target. You eliminate a player by tagging him or her with an arrow, or by catching his or her arrow.

The only safety equipment required to play Archery Tag® is a facemask. Players experience virtually no pain when “tagged” with Archery Tag® arrows. Find more information at the Archery Tag website, and contact us today to add this fun activity to your event at Zephyr!

(Activity Level: Moderate/ Event Time: 2-2.5 hours/ 30-40 players per session)

Sports activities are some of the best ways to get active and have fun. Zephyr offers sand volleyball, basketball, tetherball, gaga ball, disc golf and use of the indoor & outdoor gyms. There is also a rec field available with a backstop for kickball/softball. Use of the indoor and outdoor gyms and sports activities are included in the per person cost for retreats. Reservations of general use areas for a short period of time can be made subject to availability. Some activities may not be available due to the season or weather conditions. You will need to bring your own equipment for some sports activities.

Organize rec games; host tournaments; set up an obstacle course; the possibilities are only limited to your creativity!