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Child Protection Training – This page contains all of the videos & training required for each adult leader attending summer camp.

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Notice of Additional Training Required by the State of Texas

(does not apply to weekend retreats)

As on June 1, 2006, a new state law requires every adult attending a state-licensed camp with minor children to successfully complete sexual abuse and child molestation training with a written test approved by the Department of State Health Services. This new law is in addition to the annual criminal background check and sex offender registration record check your church is already required to conduct on any adult who will be accompanying children to camp.

In order to help your group meet this new requirement, the Texas Baptist Camp Managers Conference, Inc., wrote a training curriculum that was approved by the Department of State Health Services on April 18, 2006.

The curriculum provides our churches with a statewide uniform course that complies with the mandated requirements. Each adult attending camp with children must complete a minimum of one clock-hour of training (total) addressing the following topics:

  • The definitions and effects of sexual abuse and child molestation;
  • The typical patterns of behavior and methods of operation of child molesters and sex offenders that put children at risk;
  • The warning symptoms and signs associated with sexual abuse or child molestation;
  • The recommended procedures by youth camps to address, prevent & report suspected child abuse or child molestation;
  • Ways adults can avoid putting themselves at risk for an accusation of sexual misconduct.

This curriculum is available to be downloaded free below. The downloads include the Child Protection Training video, the training text, the 25 question test, the test answer key, and a certificate of completion. The training course is designed for anyone to easily present to a group of adults.

The training and certificate of completion are MANDATORY for all adults and must be completed before attending camp. This training is good for two years (24 months) from the date it is completed. 

Download training materials here:

  1. Training Text
  2. Video
  3. Discussion Questions for Facilitator
  4. Printable Test
  5. Online Test
  6. Test Answer Key (password protected)
  7. Certificate of Completion

If you have any questions during this process please feel free to contact us.