Camp Zephyr is celebrating 60 years of ministry!

In 1957, God blessed the Baptist Associations of South Texas with a piece of land donated by Mr. D.B. Miller to start a Christian camp for young people. 60 years later, there are countless lives that have encountered Christ through their time here. God has continued to provide for and bless Camp Zephyr in incredible ways.

As a staff, we often talk about the individual lives, family trees, and generations that have been added to the Kingdom because of the faithfulness of a small group of people who had a vision 60 years ago. Camp Zephyr would not be what it is today without their faithfulness, as well as the faithfulness of each set of summer staff, full time staff, directors, board members, volunteers, sponsors, and donors since that time.

Zephyr has a long legacy of believers who have contributed to its success as a ministry because of their willingness to follow after the Lord and His calling for their lives.



join us in praising god for the past and looking towards the future


Ways to get involved:

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  • Join forces with Camp Zephyr by becoming a C.O.R.D. ministry partner. Click HERE to learn more about Creating Opportunities and Removing Distractions at Zephyr. 
  • If you are a Zephyr Staff alumni we would love to stay in touch with you! If you haven't already done so, please click HERE to share your updated contact information with us.