God has simply poured out His love on Zephyr for many years and is continuing to do so by growing and blessing our campgrounds. With both new and renovated facilities this year, Zephyr is not only expanding, but striving to make your camp experience both memorable and comfortable!

Lodging: Zephyr has two types of lodging: the Marshall Conference Center, which contains hotel-style rooms, and many cabins with dorm-style rooms. Both can be used for retreats, depending on your preference and the size of your group. Summer camps use the dorms primarily, but may spill over into the hotel rooms depending on the size of the camp.

Meeting Rooms: Along with housing accommodations, Zephyr offers you and your group private meeting rooms. These could be used for, but are not limited to, small group time, breakout sessions, or any smaller gathering. Meeting rooms are offered within dorm rooms, the Marshall Conference Center, the gymnasium, and the Tabernacle.

Tabernacle: The Tabernacle is Zephyr’s main worship center. This building can hold up to 700 people at one time and contains a large stage, upstairs soundboard, four large screens, and stage lighting.

Cafeteria/Snack Shack: Zephyr has a full service dining hall. With three serving lines and home-cooked meals, Zephyr strives to feed its guests efficiently and fully! The Zephyr Snack Shack is open during the summer to serve our campers who are looking for a special treat after dinner or need an extra boost of energy during the day.

Camp Store: The Zephyr Camp Store is open year round to both children and adults. Stop by to check out our Zephyr merchandise or to pick up any necessary items you may have left at home!

Recreation: Zephyr has quite a selection of recreational facilities, including: the Marshall Pond, which features the infamous “Blob”, a swimming pool with two slides, the waterfront where our guests can kayak, a challenge course with both high and low ropes, a large rec field, a gymnasium, a covered, out-door gym, and a paintball field. Water facilities are primarily open during the summer and when the weather permits.