The projects listed below are part of a vision for camp improvements that create opportunity and remove distraction. 

Short Term Projects:

  • Paintball Shed Updates

  • Add 3rd Pool Slide ($16,335)

  • BBQ Pit Trailer

  • Golf Carts & Gators

CAPITAL / Long Term Projects:

  • Marshall Meeting Room Remodel

  • Marshall Conference Center Rooms 31-39 Remodel ($11,000 per room/$99,000 total)

  • New Worship Center

  • Replace/Remodel Dimmick Lodge

  • Seasonal Staff Housing

  • Road Work & Additional Parking ($458,000)

  • Rec Field Renovation

  • Waterfront/Paintball Bathrooms ($25,000)

  • Camp Vehicle (15 passenger van)

  • Dorm & Meeting Room Remodels

This list was presented to and approved by Zephyr's Board of Trustees in May of 2017, with the condition that no debt will be incurred for any of these projects. Project priority is subject to the discretion of Zephyr leadership.